Dental Implant Recovery Tips

The Recovery From Dental Implants

The recovery period after receiving dental implant surgery needs to be taken very seriously. The mouth needs to be treated gently until the bone, gums and teeth have adapted to the new implants. Trying to return to normal activities too quickly can cause a number of complications. Several tips will make recovery after receiving dental implants much easier.

Eat Only Soft Foods and Liquids

The first tip is to eat only soft foods and liquids for the first four to six days after the dental implants are placed. Eating hard or crunchy foods can cause inflammation. It could even cause bleeding or damage to the gums and bone. The foods and liquids should also not be too hot since pain medications and lingering anesthesia could reduce sensation so that burning is a possibility. A periodontist Pittsburgh residents can trust will often advise avoiding chewy, sticky and sugary foods as well.

Keep an Ice Pack Handy

One of the natural things that will happen after getting dental implants through a location like Werkmeister Periodontics in Pittsburgh, PA is swelling and inflammation. This occurs because the body is sending blood to the area in order to heal the gums and bone. A very simple way to deal with this in the days after surgery is to keep ice packs handy. Placing an ice pack wrapped in a towel against the cheek can help to reduce swelling. It also provides some relief from any aches and pains. It usually helps to keep two or three ice packs ready in a freezer.

Rinse With Warm Salt Water

After returning from the periodontist Pittsburgh residents still need to perform regular oral hygiene. Brushing needs to be done every day as gently as possible. Another way to keep the mouth clean and healthy is to rinse with a solution of salt and warm water. The mouth should be rinsed out between four and five times each day. The salt will actively kill harmful bacteria that could cause problems during recovery.

Avoid Strenuous Physical Activities

In the week after getting back from the periodontist Pittsburgh dental implant recipients should avoid strenuous physical activities. This includes exercise, lifting heavy items and moving around excessively. This can cause the gums to start bleeding. It could lead to infections or damage to the gums. If activity is causing pain or a pounding sensation in the gums, then it is time to stop.

No Cigarettes or Alcohol

Every periodontist Pittsburgh patients will see for dental implants will insist on no cigarettes or alcohol during recovery. Smoking can cause problems like infections and bleeding. Both tobacco and alcohol can inhibit proper recovery. Cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided completely until the mouth has fully healed.

Follow All Instructions Exactly

After visiting a periodontist Pittsburgh residents will normally receive a list of instructions and some medications like painkillers and antibiotics. These instructions need to be followed exactly even if they seem pointless, burdensome or excessive. The instructions a location like Werkmeister Periodontics in Pittsburgh, PA provides are there for a reason. Recovery will be safest, fastest and most comfortable when following all official instructions.

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