Patient Testimonials

Dr. Werkmeister and his staff make every effort to clearly answer any questions you may have:

This is the best periodontist in the North Hills! I had to have a skin graft procedure for the gums and it went just fine. I was nervous but it turns out there was nothing to worry about. Such a good guy! –Alaine R.

I am extremely satisfied with the care I get here. The dental work is performed excellently and the care is gentle. — Robin H.

He’s extremely good with kids! He’s awesome and I’ve referred him to family and friends.   –Denise F.

Dr. Werkmeister and staff were very friendly and explained everything clearly.  –LaVerne P.

I’m so glad that I found such a great periodontist in the Cranberry areas. –Rochelle W.

Dr. Werkmeister was very clear in his explanations and answered all of my questions clearly; he didn’t rush.
–Richard L.

He explained the procedure to me in detail and respected all of my questions. He told me everything he was doing and why. This is the best periodontal practice I’ve been to. — Jenn F.

Dr. W was very patient in explaining medical details. –Susan H.

Dr. Werkmeister is very kind, and I received really good care. All of my questions were answered and his staff is very helpful. -Monica M.

Dr. Werkmeister was very pleasant and explained the procedure in a way I could understand. –Anonymous

I love Dr. Werkmeister and his staff. They’re so polite and helpful. –Cady R.

Dr. Werkmeister is very patient, reassuring, and calming; he took the time to explain everything. –Jennifer P.

Dr. Werkmeister and staff hope to give you an overall positive experience through your dental procedures:

Allograft surgery was the right choice — I’m so happy with the results. The procdures didn’t take long. They were done very professionally. I appreicate the quietness, knhowing the complete attention and accuracy were given. — Karen K.

I was very nervous at first because I had never gotten a Novocaine shot before or been awake during a surgery. Dr. Werkmeister, though, was very clam and friendly, which eased my nerves. It was such an easy experience that went very smoothly and the staff is so nice! — Patti S.

This office has friendly, caring doctors and staff. I really appreciated the follow-up call on the day of surgery. — Lee H.

Very friendly and professional staff. It was a painless procedure and I love the results! — Erin A.

This was a very positive experience. Everyone was great at the office and Dr. Werkmeister was great too! –Penny C.

He worked around my schedule and answered all my questions from A-Z. Appreciate it. — Gregg P.

The allograft option is so much better than the “skin from the roof of the mouth” option that I was getting at other offices! –Alan C.

Thanks for your professional work. You and are practice are exceptional. Even if someone doesn’t live in the North Hills, they should drive here to see you anyway. –Ed R.

Dr. Werkmeister and Dr. Zavoral were very professional, thorough and yet very caring in their evaluation of my periodontal concerns and subsequent gum surgery. They are confident in their skills which made me feel more relaxed with the procedure. — R.F.

I have very high expectations—your practice met all of them! -Rhonda L.

I love your staff! They worked with my insurance company, and it was above and beyond! -Lisa K

Very positive experience all around; everything was handled very well from start to finish! –Janet L.

I learn a lot about my gums, my teeth and how to take care of my teeth and keep them healthy. — William P.

Dr. Werkmeister is so professional and he puts you at ease. For the first time, I’m finally getting great care for my gingivitis. With the right dental care, my problems will be solved soon. –Rich N.

I feel confident that we have someone we can trust! –Jody W.

Very professional, very knowledgeable, very friendly, easy to trust!  -Traci H.

This has been one of my best dental experiences.  Dr. Werkmeister and staff were wonderful and attentive.  –Kristi G.

Your entire staff was top-shelf professional from start to finish; that really impressed me. -Carol S.

The overall process flows with ease and the staff is phenomenal!! –James A.

Your sincerity in making me comfortable is so truly appreciated. Your sense of humor also helped to greatly put me at ease. -Carol S.

Thank you for the professional care and personal service. Your practice is exceptional and your demeanor is a blessing! — Dawn S.

The service was excellent!!  I have already mentioned your office to several friends and family! This is a great Pittsburgh periodontist. –T .K. D.

Every step of the way, I felt that I was in the presence of someone who respected me and who was genuinely concerned that I have a pain free procedure. I can’t tell you how much that meaned to me. -Carol S.

The best experience I have ever had at a doctor’s office. –David W.

I have never been treated with more courtesy and kindness in a professional practice! –Robert S.

I was very pleased with all of the staff.  I appreciated the care and attention given to me by everyone.  Dr. Werkmeister does excellent work and I would refer anyone I know to him. –Greg M.

I understand what I am up against and it helps to know that I have an experienced General who is going to help me fight this war. -Carol S.

The office is in a convenient location and is willing to work with your schedule to find an appointment time that fits your needs:

I have a very unpredictable schedule, but his staff worked with me–and they are prompt! I’ve never waited to be seen. I like that they are sticklers for timing and know that YOUR time is important. –Allan T.

I truly appreciate that every appointment was on time and punctual. –Donna P.

I never had to wait long for appointments; the office was always on time! –Anonymous

I never had to wait more than a few minutes.  I really appreciate your respect for my time.  –Craig G.

My working 9-5 always presents problems for scheduling during the day.  Having the office open later on Tuesdays and opening early on Thursday and Friday, I could always find an appointment time! –Mike S.

All of my visits to your office were handled in a timely and efficient manner. –Robert C.

I never had a problem scheduling and the location is very convenient! –Debbie D.

The staff was able to work with my schedule to make an appointment that worked for me! –Tammie F.

I appreciated how quickly I had my procedure after my first appointment and decision to move on with treatment! –Donna L.

Dr. Werkmeister is willing to go the extra mile for his patients:

I give Dr. Werkmeister 5 stars! The same goes for his staff. I recommend anyone in need of gum graft surgery to go to the man with a truly caring touch! — Brian W.

My experience at Dr. Werkmeister’s office could not have been more pleasant! The grafting procedure was painless and easy on me. The staff is very friendly and accomodated me with any questions. I had been a patient at another periodontic office in the North Hills, and I’m glad I made the change to Dr. Werkmeister! — Jeannie L.

Dr. Werkmeister have me a thorough explanation of what needed to be done. I asked a lot of questions but he didn’t mind at all. He’s very open to having a discussion on periodontic care. — Linda G.

Dr. Werkmeister came in on a vacation day to remove stitches timely. –Tray W.

I have never met a doctor who was so caring and interested in my health. –Renald C.

Dr. Werkmeister makes sure his patients are called after a procedure and he makes it known that he’s available if his patients need additional care. –Donna M.

I have never had a doctor who gave his home phone number and explained things so thoroughly! –Nicole P.

The doctor put me at ease on the day of my surgery and called later that day to check on me.  It was reassuring to have a contact number for the doctor just in case something happened post-surgery. –Gretchen S.

The follow-up call after my procedure was a nice touch—especially that Dr. Werkmeister called me personally. –Kathy O.

Dr. Werkmeister personally wrote a letter to my insurance company to reconsider the insurance claim; it was well written and very professional.  This extra effort is greatly appreciated! –Jody L.

Dr. Werkmeister is great with children and treats them all with the highest level of care:
Dr. Werkmeister couldn’t have been any nicer to  us.  He made my son feel comfortable in a situation that was, at first, very scary to him.  Thank-you for your kindness! –Jody W.


Dr. Werkmeister made my daughter feel very comfortable for her procedure. –Melissa S.

Everyone was wonderful—Mary Lynn was especially helpful in making my daughter feel relaxed during her visits. –Candace S.

Dr. Werkmeister and staff made my daughter’s procedure as quick and painless as possible! –Ann M.

My 9 year old felt unafraid after speaking with Dr. Werkmeister and his assistant. –Randi G.

Dr. Werkmeister and his staff understand that patients may have some fear associated with dental visits.  They try to make every patient feel as comfortable and confident with the procedure as they can:

I was very nervous about my surgery but the staff were exceptional at putting me at ease! –Linda C.

I had a very positive experience and I was nervous to have the procedure.  Dr. Werkmeister’s experience and demeanor put me at ease. –Kristen D.

Both Dr. Werkmeister and his assistant went out of their way to explain the process and what I might expect.  I was made to feel comfortable and it made the whole experience less stressful! –Debbie T.

Dr. Werkmeister was very calm and reassuring in his demeanor! –Sue N.

I was very nervous; Dr. Werkmeister took the time to sit down and explain things to me. –Cecilia D.

The doctor was great with me and my fears of dental procedures! –Alicia M.

Dr. Werkmeister is extremely assertive; he makes you want to have gum surgery! –Linda B.

While I dread most dental procedures, Dr. Werkmeister and all of his staff were wonderful! –Sue R.

The entire staff did a lot to reduce my fear of the procedure! –Jennifer P.

The staff talked to me during my brief wait.  They made me feel less anxioius about my surgery. –DJ B.

Dr. Werkmeister was an excellent doctor in dealing with any fear or questions I may have had. –Nancy E.

I have heard so many nightmare stories about gum surgery; this was a great experience, especially considering it was surgery!! –Mandy S.

Dr. Werkmeister understands that each patient has normal concerns about dental issues.  He really takes the time to explain everything and this puts you at ease. –Nicholas K.

On the day of my surgery, I was very nervous.  Everyone put me at ease about the procedure. –Gretchen S.

The staff really took the “fear” out of the procedures. –Anonymous


A helpful, friendly staff will do everything they can to make your periodontal appointments positive experiences:

This was a wonderful, personalized, and friendly experience! Welcoming and attentive! — Cara M.

A great doctor, staff, and office! Excellent work and there was in pain during the procedure. I was really pleased with the outcome. Dr. Werkmeister is a great North Hills periodontist. — Carol D.

The staff made me feel very much at home as if I’d been coming there for years! –Alice G.

It was nice to be greeted with a smile and a warm “hello” by staff.  –LaVerne P.

Everyone in the office that I spoke with was willing to answer my questions and give me the attention I needed. –Jody W.

Very professional staff—to be commended! –Donna P.

The experience was better than I ever expected.  The staff was always professional and pleasant on the phone and they returned calls immediately.  Always pleasant, prompt, and efficient. –Debbie T.

The office always called personally to confirm appointments. –Donna M.

The entire staff is extremely professional, helpful, and friendly! –Jody L.

We work with your financial needs and are willing to give you different options in order for you to get the care you need at a price that works for you:

The staff was very considerate to provide different financial options. –Susan H.

I loved how follow-up visits after surgery were no cost! – Robert B.

I appreciated the opportunity to pay in advance for a reduction in fee! –Debbie D.

Cheryl’s Story
(A true story as told by Dr. Werkmeister)

Cheryl had been frustrated in recent years over her deteriorating dental condition.  She came to dread her regular dental visits because she found herself always having a tooth that needed to be fixed. Things came to a head one day when she fractured a tooth. She was told that the fractured tooth was not restorable and would need to be extracted. She came into to my office with questions over how she should go about replacing the tooth.

I told her that first we should take a step back and understand why the tooth fractured in the first place. During my examination, I learned that while her periodontal problems were minor, she had significant wear on her teeth due to grinding her teeth. Before replacement of the tooth could be considered, a comprehensive treatment plan was made in conjunction with her general dentist that addressed the underlying cause of her dental problems. The measures taken in her comprehensive dental treatment have resulted in a much improved and stable dental condition.

If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, frustrated over continued dental problems despite your best efforts, find out how comprehensive dentistry may be the answer that you have been looking for.

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