Why the Right Time to Treat Your Gum Problem is Now

Gum disease is very insidious because it presents itself with few, if any, noticeable symptoms. Even the subtlest of symptoms like gums that occasionally bleed or bad breath may signal a serious problem that could eventually, if left untreated, result in the loss of teeth.

Timely treatment of gum disease can mean the difference between keeping your teeth and losing your teeth. It can quietly worsen at an increasing rate, much like a snowball rolling down a hillside, gaining size and momentum as it rolls down the hill.

Why Is It So Important to Treat Gum Disease?

First, gum disease can cause you to lose your teeth. However, if treated early, periodontitis and gingivitis will not rob you of your teeth.

Gum disease has been shown to be associated with conditions like heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis. You can lower your risk of these diseases by getting proper treatment from your general dentist and a periodontist.

Treating Your Gum Disease

But fear not! Treatment of periodontal disease continues to advance with improvements in both nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Today, provided the condition is not too far advanced, most people can keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Treatment of periodontal disease occurs in three main steps:

  1. Clean out the infection. Bacteria must be removed from underneath the gumline in a conservative and nonsurgical procedure called scaling/root planing (SRP).
  2. Fix the problems that remain. After the infection has been eliminated, a healthy relationship of the gums and teeth needs to be reestablished so that you can maintain a healthy mouth.
  3. Maintain dental and periodontal health. Regular dental/periodontal examinations and cleanings will best ensure long-term dental and periodontal health into the future. This is best accomplished with alternating dental and periodontal maintenance between your dentist and a periodontist, who is a dentist that specializes in the treatment of gum disease.

Don’t wait for your problem to go away, because it won’t. Early treatment is your best hope of the conservative, long-term solution to your gum problem. Call Dr. Werkmeister today at his Wexford, PA office to set up a consultation.


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